Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Personal Development - the Journey Continues

Personal growth is always something we talk about that "we need to do" but rarely make the time or effort to actually "do" it.  The Hat Trick is equally guilty of this and, when I think about it, it gets me down.  And getting down is hardly the goal of developing oneself personally so it ends up becoming a self fulfilling prophecy in some ways.

So with that in mind, I'm going to try and develop more material for this blog.  Another reason I've stayed away is that one of the major areas of this blog...politics...has been such a dismal area these past few years that I haven't really wanted to dip into the anger and nastiness in discourse that has become the hallmark of how many liberals and conservatives speak to one another.  By staying silenced, even if self-imposed, is hardly the answer so hopefully I'll find my voice at some point.  

And expect to find more aviation-related material as I've really tried to spend my time on that happier topic and have some good material that I've yet to develop.

Wish me luck as I try to focus on one area of my personal development we go!

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