Sunday, January 17, 2010

Week of January 17 - Travel for The Hat Trick

This week starts off with some travel for the Hat Trick. I'll be traveling to Columbus, Ohio this evening for a short hop to the Port Columbus International Airport (CMH). The return trip will be tomorrow, January 18, with another short hop back to Washington Ronald Reagan National Airport (DCA). US Airways Express will be the air carrier for this journey as they offer the only nonstop service between the two airports. The outbound trip to CMH will be on the very comfortable (relative to travel experience of this age!) Embraer 175 aircraft which features two by two seating (each seat is either an aisle or a window) and 33" pitch which is pretty good compared to the industry standard of 31" pitch. An added bonus is that this is the Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend so most of official Washington, DC is closed for business on Monday so the flight looks fairly open as most people will return home tomorrow. The return trip will be on a less comfortable Embraer 145 regional jet but the Hat Trick doesn't mind this regional jet as much since it features a one by two seating arrangement; this means that all the seats on the left side of the aircraft is both an aisle and a window seat which gives you some level of comfort. The hotel for this trip will be the Hyatt Regency on Capitol Square.

The purpose of this trip is a third round interview with a company in Columbus for a lobbying position. Needless to say I'm hopeful that "this will be the one" as it has been a very long year in the job search area and the Hat Trick is ready to get back to work. The Hat Trick finds it a little bit ironic that I had more time to blog when I was working as opposed to not working!
Will try to write a trip report once this trip is over and provide my thoughts on the travel experience. I took the same trip in December...same flights, same aircraft, different hotel for my second round interview so it will be good to have a comparison.

Wish me luck!

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