Friday, January 27, 2017

New Year, New Era, Oh My

Happy New Year all.  While I had every intention of restarting my writing this past September, life did not cooperate.  The ongoing saga of buying a new home in our new state of Florida ended up being a far more complicated process than I could have imagined.  Add in the unexpected death of our family dog and it just didn't happen.  But, as with any New Year's Resolution (which I don't really believe in) I've decided to be more active in my writing in 2017.  Since today is January 27, I think it still counts as a resolution of sorts.

I'm also going to change the direction of the blog this year.  While I will address politics to an extent, I find myself completely dejected after the 2016 election.  To say Election 2016 was the worst election in a lifetime would be an significant understatement.  The Hat Trick was not a Donald Trump supporter at all...AT ALL...but I was also almost as equally offended by Secretary Hillary Clinton.  Considering the amount of talent in this country it's amazing that these two were the best we as a nation could do.  It is still amazing that Trump won, yet when you look at the data and the mood of the country, it becomes less surprising.  Unfortunately there is a lot of emotion and hysteria in the country right now and nobody on the left is very interested in looking at why Hillary lost.  And on the right?  Just a lot of gloating...

I have some pieces in various draft form on some of my aviation experiences plus some hockey observations...could this be the year the Red Wings miss the playoffs for the first time since the 1989-90 season?  They are looking shaky in the NHL Eastern Conference standings now but there is still a lot of hockey to be played from now and until April...added bonus, the Hat Tricks will be seeing the Wings live on March 30 in Tampa Bay.

All in all it should be an interesting winter and spring!

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