Monday, February 10, 2014

Olympics Begin!

Every four years the Hat Trick gets pretty excited…and for a very special reason.  No, it's not a Presidential Election year but the Winter Olympics!  The Hat Trick is a huge fan of the skiing, bobsledding, ski jump and, of course, the hockey!

While the Hat Trick makes time for the Men's Hockey, one of my bigger passions is watching the U.S. Women's team.  Women's hockey has a different feel, less physical in most cases…unless the U.S. Women are playing Team Canada!  Team U.S.A. looks poised to go deep in the medal round during the Sochi games and I find myself ready to watch.  Unfortunately the Hat Trick missed the first game against Finland (a 3 - 1 victory for Team U.S.A.) due to some time change confusion but have the rest of the games scheduled on my DVR and we are ready to go!

Go Team U.S.A.!!!!!

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