Monday, February 10, 2014

A Few Observations...

I had the chance to watch the game between Team Russia and Team Germany in Women's Hockey on Sunday.  Good game overall…Germany held a 1-0 lead until early in the third period and then the Russians really turned it on with four unanswered goals.  Germany will face Sweden on February 11 and Russia faces Japan, also on February 11.

One interesting stat that came out of the game was the number of registered female hockey players in Russia compared with some of the other nations fielding women's hockey teams.  According to the NBC-SN announcers Mike Emrick and A.J. Mleczko Russia only has 562 registered female ice hockey players.  This compares with Germany at 3,000, the United States at 65,000 and Canada at 87,000.  What is even more surprising is the fact that hockey is a huge sport in Russia!

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