Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Moving Week For The Hat Tricks

Well's finally here! This week the Hat Tricks end almost 15 years in the metropolitan Washington, DC area and make the final jump to the Philadelphia/South Jersey area!

As I mentioned in June, my blogging abilities has been greatly reduced as a result of our impending move to the Philadelphia/South Jersey area. It's been a crazy few weeks with numerous experiences, both good and bad, but we are adjusting to life in New Jersey, coping with a small two bedroom corporate apartment (two adults, two young children and a dog...not fun!) and house hunting.

Currently the Hat Trick is blogging from the Alexandria Embassy Suites (a nice hotel by the way) as movers are packing our home in Alexandria, Virginia and will be loading the big moving truck today later today. Needless to say this experience has been filled highs and lows and some drama in-between but it seems to be coming together.

Our home in Virginia sold in a record eight days (!) and we have a contract out on a home in South Jersey that we hope to officially close on in late July. The new him is nothing like our Virginia actually has four REAL bedrooms (compared with two bedrooms and a loft in Virginia) and a huge yard for the junior Hat Tricks and our dog. The cost of this home was about $100,000 LESS (not a typo...LESS) then we sold our home in Virginia. Clearly there are some things to like in New Jersey!

I suspect that I'm supposed to pen something poetic about leaving Washington, DC and the memories I have compiled over 15 years but I have to be honest and say that I'm happy to get the hell out of here. The Hat Trick has always had an uneasy relationship with the city, particularly the crowds, cost of living and the types of people that live here. I've met good people and will leave some good friends behind but it is a lot hard to meet quality people here and I'm kind of tired of the search. All in all I think this is going to be a good move for the Hat Tricks and an opportunity to start fresh after a frustrating 15 months (and counting) of unemployment.

Wish us luck as we take the plunge!

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