Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Hat Trick is Feeling Political Again

Now that I've been out of Washington for a few months and in the real world I have to admit I'm starting to feel a little political again. My readers may have noticed a significant lack of political fodder on the Hat Trick over the past few months...ironic since politics covers one-third of this blog's topics! I think the Hat Trick was feeling a major case of political apathy plus the stress of continued joblessness/career implosion and a move to New Jersey.

But lately I'm feeling more political and more interested in commenting on the public affairs issues that we are expect more political-oriented comments in the near future. For the liberal readers of this aren't going to like it much because the Hat Trick is decidedly concerned about how the Obama Administration and the Democratic-controlled Congress are performing.

It's about to get a little warm at the Hat Trick so strap in and make sure your seats are in the full and upright position!

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