Saturday, September 6, 2008

Thank You Jimmy Carter

It’s nice to see that former President Jimmy Carter is still staying in the news. During the Democratic National Convention in Denver Carter offered up his thoughts that Senator John McCain was “milking” his POW experiences during the Vietnam War.

I have to say I’m once again disappointed by the former President’s actions. I’m sure President Carter is a decent man but whenever he inserts himself into this type of partisan situation he shows an incredible lack of respect for the office he once held. A former President is certainly entitled to his own opinions and certainly is entitled to disagree with a sitting President or a candidate for the office. However, to drop down into a partisan arena best left to hired political consultants and party officials doesn’t show dignity to the office. I don’t know why he does it…is it some type of chip on his shoulder after being defeated by Ronald Reagan in 1980? Is he angry that many (including the Hat Trick) view his administration as having more failures then victories? It’s a little shocking that a fellow Naval Academy graduate would make such a derogatory about someone who spent SIX years in captivity and was repeatedly tortured in the process. Regardless of whether you agree or disagree on the issues this is something you shouldn’t touch. The Hat Trick certainly respects President Carter’s service to this country and wishes he would show the same respect to Senator McCain and the many other POWs from the Vietnam War.

You don’t see this type of behavior from former President George H.W. Bush who generally makes news with his several skydives to celebrate You also didn’t hear a lot about former President Gerald Ford except when it involved a golf course so apparently President Carter has not gotten the memo that you need to act a little more dignified in your post White House years. President Carter has done a lot of good things since he left office, noticeably on human rights issues with the Carter Center and his work with Habitat for Humanity. Unfortunately I think they get clouded over when he jumps into the political arena. It’s his choice but it certainly makes the Hat Trick have a lot less respect for the former President.

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