Friday, August 29, 2008

Palin Appears to Be VP Pick

Update: CNN and AP reporting that McCain’s pick is indeed Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. The Hat Trick isn’t sure yet on how he feels about the pick…she is a reformer that is attempting to clean up Alaska politics after the Senator Stevens indictment and the ongoing ethics investigation into Representative Don Young. She is also young…44 years old which connects well with Obama’s youth and she is a Washington outsider…unlike Obama, Biden and McCain. The Hat Trick likes the fact that she is a governor having made that notation in an earlier post. However, the Hat Trick is concerned about her lack of experience given the age of Senator McCain.

A colleague of the Hat Trick who is active in Republican politics made the following observation five minutes ago in a cryptic e-mail: “Nightmare for Obama. Game changer.” If this VP pick holds true the Hat Trick will take a closer look…he can see good as well as danger with the pick.

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