Thursday, August 28, 2008

McCain Poised to Name Running Mate

It looks like Senator John McCain is in position to name his running mate soon, possibly with a leak by 6:00pm EDT and confirmation at 8:00pm EDT tonight. Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota, Former Governors Tom Ridge of Pennsylvania and Mitt Romney of Massachusetts and Senator Joe Lieberman, the 2000 Democratic Vice Presidential candidate are the leading contenders. It’s possible that a dark horse candidate could emerge as well, especially with McCain’s love of being a maverick.

Based on the information I’m looking at and some of the outcomes of the Biden pick for Senator Obama, I’m predicting that Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty will be chosen. Pawlenty has been a loyal McCain supporter, even during the dark days of the Summer of 2007 when McCain’s campaign was on life support. Pawlenty doesn’t have the baggage that Ridge and Lieberman bring with social conservatives (both are pro-choice on abortion) and he seems better poised to identify with blue collar workers compared with the wealthy former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. Governor Pawlenty is also an outsider to Washington, an issue that Democratic Vice Presidential pick Joe Biden has contended with since last weekend. While I think Romney might be the better choice I think Pawlenty will get the nod.

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