Friday, August 26, 2011

Hat Trick Returns

I realize it's been a while but hopefully I can start posting again on a regular basis. It's been a busy winter, spring and fall. We went through a bad experience with Little Hat Trick and a serious illness over Christmas which really threw us for a loop. He's better now but still having some issues that we have a to work through.

That was not a great way to bring in the New Year!

However, in March fortune smiled on us and I was able to join the workforce again after a two year absence and am now lobbying in the State of New Jersey. I do some federal lobbying but primarily working Trenton with the New Jersey Legislature. It's a bit different here and I've seen some interesting things...including witnessing my first arrests at a public hearing! More on that later...but needless to say it's good to be working again.

Hopefully I can provide some comment on the upcoming New Jersey elections, the current state of affairs in Congress, some travel observations and, of course, some Red Wing hockey.

Welcome back and thanks for reading!

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