Saturday, April 10, 2010

Road Trip to New Jersey

The Hat Tricks were up in the South New Jersey area this past week. Mrs. Hat Trick had an interview with a company int the area and they encouraged the whole family to come up and check out the housing situation in case an offer comes. It's a little hard for the Hat Trick to imagine living in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area but stranger things have happened and at least there is a rich hockey history with the Philadelphia Flyers to enjoy!

We stayed for two nights at the Mt. Laurel Marriott. The property was an average Marriott full service hotel; not bad but not overwhelming. The public spaces have been modernized but the rooms appeared a bit dated. The housekeeping left a bit to be desired (did they really bother cleaning the toilet?) which is a sore point with the Hat Trick. However, the front desk staff and the restaurant staff were exceptionally friendly, helpful and responsive. This was particularly helpful when traveling with the Little Hat Tricks...the Hat Trick himself even survived breakfast alone with them and the help of the nice restaurant staff!

All in all not a bad stay and I would probably stay at the property again given the great attitude of the employees. An improvement in the housekeeping would definitely make me return!

The remainder of the trip was uneventful. Driving I-95 between the DC area and the Philadelphia area is underwhelming except for the "highway" robbery (ha ha) with tolls in Delaware and Maryland. Mrs. Hat Trick thought the interview went well so we'll see where this puts us. Even if the job doesn't work out for Mrs. East Coast Wing it was nice to get out of DC for a few days.

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