Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hat Tricks Doing Well

The newest member of the Hat Trick (and future Red Wings fan) family joined us on July 22, 2009. Our newest family member is a daughter and had a healthy delivery with Mom and "Peanut" doing well. Needless to say the whole family is happy and excited!

There certainly have been a lot of public policy issues, such as the health care debate, going on that the Hat Trick has been negligent in covering for my readers. However, with the Hat Tricks just trying to survive in this economy with my continued unemployment, I have not been able to develop the urge to comment. All I can say is that the Hat Trick has definitely experienced the challenges of health care reform personally with having to pay for COBRA coverage for the family. Even with the reduced payments due to the stimulus package it's still a big monthly payment that eats up a lot of the monthly unemployment insurance we receive. However, some of the ideas currently being debated in the Congress greatly concern the Hat Trick due to their long term ramifications for future generations. We'll see where the debate goes in September when the Congress returns from the August recess (where they are hearing a lot of backlash from constituents already!).

Best wishes to all my readers for a happy final month of the summer (and the 2009-2010 NHL season quickly approaching!).

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