Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Hat Trick is Back!

The Hat Trick apologizes for the long hiatus between posts but the job search has taken on top priority these days. Compared to others in this wretched economy I’m doing okay and have steadily been interviewing for jobs but have not yet had success in obtaining a position. A lot had to do with the competition out there…lot of unemployed lobbyists…although I have come in second on several occasions. So, in addition to working towards finding openings I’m also working on my interviewing skills to make certain I come in first the next time!

Hopefully I can get on a regular schedule for posting as there is a lot of topics I want to talk about…Red Wings, Stanley Cup playoffs, the Obama Administration’s attack on YOUR first amendment rights and the continual changes going on in the airline industry…many topics to cover and can’t do it all in one post!

I will quickly cover my favorite topic, the Detroit Red Wings. On Thursday night the Wings swept the Columbus Blue Jackets in Columbus, final score 6 – 5. Unlike the previous games, the Blue Jackets really gave it to the Wings and hung in there until the last minute when a bench minor was called against the Blue Jackets for to many men on the ice. This led to a power play goal and the Columbus faithful were incensed leading them to through bottles and other garbage onto the ice. The Hat Trick understands the frustration they feel but the penalty was pretty blatant and I disagree with some analysts that the Zebras were being “picky.” Maybe I would feel differently if I were a Blue Jackets fan. Regardless, the Wings closed out the series and now can rest until the rest of the series wrap up.

On a final note about the Wings and this game…with the win Thursday night Detroit became the first team since 2002 to advance in the playoffs the year after winning the Stanley Cup. The Hat Trick finds this a good omen as we head into round two. Let’s Go Red Wings!

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