Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wings - Sharks, Draper - Lemieux

The Hat Trick has been a little busy lately with job search activity so hopefully my readers have not been that sad! Update from the last post…the Wings ended up losing against the Blue Jackets and have gone on a 2 – 2 -1 streak since which included a 5 -2 loss last Saturday against the Minnesota Wild. The only positive in that game was seeing Red Wings Goalie Jimmy Howard play, a former University of Maine player (and the alma mater of Mrs. Hat Trick!).

Tonight the Wings host the San Jose Sharks at the JLA (Joe Louis Arena, home of the Detroit Red Wings) with game time at 7:30pm EST. This is a big game for several reasons. The Sharks currently have the #1 seed in the Western Conference with a five point lead so it is important for the Wings to win this remaining game and they have had trouble handling the Sharks this season, having lost two of the past three games.

Adding to the drama will be the return of Claude Lemieux to Detroit after a long hiatus. Lemieux is best known for injuring Chris Draper in the 1996 playoffs between the Wings and the Colorado Avalanche in which Lemieux caused Draper facial injury after a real cheap shot. The result in 1997 was a huge brawl at the JLA between the Wings and Avs featuring Darren McCarty pounding Claude before cheering fans and then a massive fight between players, including both goal tenders going at it. Detroit went on to destroy the Avs in the playoffs and won their first Cup since the 1950s. Several clips of the brawl are caught on You Tube including this one:

Lemieux is back in the league after retiring and Chris Draper is still a Red Wing so tonight has some added drama and should be a good game to watch.

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