Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Congratulations President Obama

The Hat Trick wants to congratulate President Obama on his inauguration and wish him the best of luck as he undertakes some very difficult challenges. While the Hat Trick did not vote for President Obama in the election, I have hopes for him and his presidency. My main concerns in not voting for him centered on his relative lack of experience for the job (four years in the United States Senate) and some of the positions he has supported in those four years in the Senate. The Hat Trick continues to smile at the attacks that Alaska Governor Palin withstood in the general election on her lack of experience yet the glossing over of President Obama’s experience level…clearly the mainstream media had their agenda as well.

Regardless, I hope he does well and has success. One thing is certain…this country has taken a large step in the process of rectifying our historical past with regard to slavery and segregation. Clearly the time has come for a Black American to become President of the United States and hopefully this will go a long way to correct some of the wrongs of the past. In that respect the Hat Trick is hopeful.

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