Saturday, March 8, 2008

Fatal Attraction

I couldn’t help but think Tuesday night as the election returns came in from Texas and Ohio of how much Senator Clinton reminds me of the Glenn Close character in the ‘80s movie “Fatal Attraction”…she just won’t die (politically speaking)! The Obama campaign had better watch out and keep all of their rabbit’s safe as the Clinton campaign will play to win as we start to get down the final stretch of primaries. The blood is already starting to spread as the Clinton and Obama campaigns start trading a lot of fire over tax returns, “monsters” and experience for the job. Of course it wouldn’t be a race without a little touch of “victim hood” from the Clintons as Howard Wolfson from the Clinton campaign compared Senator Obama to Ken Starr. You have to hand it to the Clintons…they have no shame!

I wasn’t terribly surprised by the results Tuesday, especially Ohio. Senator Clinton is still very popular with the union crowd and unions still play a big part in Ohio Democratic politics. I also think that Senator Clinton will do well in Pennsylvania, a state similar to Ohio in its demographics and political makeup.

One thing for sure is that it can only help John McCain who can now focus on raising money for the general election. The fact that there might be a real delegate fight within the Democrat’s ranks could create more trouble for them…a Clinton move to grab the “super delegates” could really question the fairness of the process if Obama ends up winning a majority of votes. Add in the possibility of having to redo primaries in Michigan and Florida and you have a recipe for some real drama within the Democratic ranks.

As a political junkie, I love every minute of it!

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